a way to improve your speed

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i use a program called : winner tweak 3.
it tunes your windows program.
you only need a key generator ,to use it for a
longer time,you can find it in google.
it cuts my running time an amazing time down to

succes rene holland

Stan Pleban
Stan Pleban
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a way to improve your speed

Bluegiant...tried that program...but I went back to the 5.3.12 BOINC Version with trux.. this combination seems to be crunching faster than the 5.4.9.

Especially in Rosetta, 5.4.9 gave me half the credits..I do not know why, but I reinstalled the 5.3.12 with truxsoft and everything works better.

But that does not apply to SETI, you would have to turn the calibration off...as it would make the credits go backwards too many times..

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