VS debug cause validate error?

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My workstation has an AMD HD7970 GPU in it that run the FGRP GPU app. This machine has always caused validate errors. Sometimes none, sometimes a few a day and sometimes a lot.

With the 1.18 version the number of validate errors increased. I assumed the card was on its last legs and after a tip here I reduced the clock with 10%. The validate errors continued.

I then noticed that on the days when I was away from the computer there where no validate errors (or very much fewer at least). This got me thinking that maybe something I was doing at the computer was interfering with the GPU app. So I started experimenting by, one day not doing one of my usual tasks, repeating for all the tasks I could imagine interfering. And on the day I did not use Visual Studio 2015 there were NO validate errors. My suspicion is that when I debug an application the debugger somehow cause Windows 10, the AMD driver or the card itself to mess up the GPU app.

Have anyone else experienced the same?

Someone running a similar setup and debug stuff all day without any validate errors?

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I have found i could always

I have found i could always make an invalid if X on a linux reset a screen, after logging out for example.  I have no experience of VS, but i do know you can disable hardware acceleration. 

I might suggest setting up VS as a GPU exclusive application, as another test to confirm.

Good luck.

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