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RE: Now I am seeing many

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Now I am seeing many more "client error" messages again and compute error. It appears that the sub routine that does the crunching has some faults. As my comp is a digital device and has to run in a sequential mode while doing the crunching.

No it is definetely file transfer problem.



2006-07-26 23:50:21.5199 [normal]: Start of BOINC application 'projects/'.
2006-07-26 23:50:21.5699 [normal]: Started search at lalDebugLevel = 0
2006-07-26 23:50:27.6099 [normal]: Checkpoint-file 'Fstat.out.ckp' not found.
2006-07-26 23:50:27.6099 [normal]: No usable checkpoint found, starting from beginning.
Detected CPU type 1
2006-07-27 04:26:15.8400 [normal]: Search finished successfully.



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