Uploads disabled due to move to new server

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Update 18:20 UTC: We enabled the validators again and all seems fine. Due to an error on my part some of the freshly uploaded results to the new server got deleted while the old result files where copied over from the old server. So some of you will get validation errors because of missing result files. I will grant Credit for those tasks later this week.

Update 10:00 UTC: We enabled file uploads again and there are no obvious errors in the logfiles. Backend processes remain turned off until all the remaining data has been moved.

Start 7:50 UTC:We disabled the upload server and the GW related backend processes to move the whole O1AS processing to a new server. This does not impact your results as the Client retries to upload on it's own.

Uploads will be enabled later today when we transfered all the files and activated the new server. The backend processes will be activated as soon as possible after that.

I'll update this post as we progress with the move.