Upload problems?

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...trying to upload what I

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...trying to upload what I got now (impossible for me over the last 24h), plus clear out the tons of "Download failed" messages :p

Donald A. Tevault
Donald A. Tevault
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Looks like things might be

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Looks like things might be down hard for a while. Oh well, I'm taking the opportunity to give my computers a much-deserved vacation.

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I have to report some upload

I have to report some upload problems, too.
In this seconds, i have uploaded nine workunits, but the scheduler seems to be down.
>16.01.2007 21:50:52|Einstein@Home|Reporting 9 tasks
>16.01.2007 21:50:58|Einstein@Home|Scheduler request succeeded
>16.01.2007 21:50:58|Einstein@Home|Message from server: Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance
>16.01.2007 21:50:58|Einstein@Home|Project is down
Not very funny ... and my last workunit will be gone in a few minutes ...

I hope, that the servers will be back till tomorrow ...

happy *duck* crunching ;-)


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A report on the serverstatus

A report on the serverstatus among other things is present at http://einsteinathome.org/node/192312

Make tea, not coffee !

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Just let BOINC do its job.

Just let BOINC do its job. I've left my computers alone and they upload their units on their own just fine.

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