upcoming 7-days-challenge (March 12 - 19): enough WUs available ?

Erkan Yilmaz
Erkan Yilmaz
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there will be a week-long challenge (A), already 10 teams signed up.

I: WU availability:

Can the Einstein admin please check if there will be enough WUs available for the challenge time ?
(Or mods: can you contact the admin with this or move my post to an appropriate section? Merci)
II. BOINC users: please participate
- 1. tell your teamfounder to join the challenge on boincstats
- 2. the users just have to crunch the WUs in that time period. nothing more

(A) https://boincstats.com/en/stats/challenge/team/chat/896

Christian Beer
Christian Beer
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We saw the message and yes

We saw the message and yes there is enough work available. We also see a slight increase in CPU work throughput. The only noticeable effect we see is produced by stats gathering scripts not by the crunchers.


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