Unofficial BOINC Wiki closing 2006-03-31

Paul D. Buck
Paul D. Buck
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The military has a axiom that you should never reinforce defeats. Looking back at my participation in the BOINC world I can only conclude that I have been doing just that.

So, it is time to cease. I had thought to explain the motivations that have brought me to this point but have decided that for the most part it would just be another wasted effort. Those that need to heed the words will see no need. And those that agree with them have no power. So, not much point in long explanations. But, in short, I find I can no longer be a part of a system such as I see today. Dissent is suppressed, good ideas are ignored or marginalized, valuable work is discarded, participants are abused; all this, and more.

It is said that for evil to triumph, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing. For a long time I have tried to combat the problems I have seen with virtually no success. In that nothing else I have tried has been effective I have but one last option and that is to cease supporting activities run by people I can no long trust.

With this in mind I have run all my computers out of work, removed BOINC and shut down the machines. However, I will be funding the BOINC Wiki site until the end of the quarter, 2006-03-31, at which point the site will vanish and the domain will become available.

For those that contributed, and those that used the Wiki, I am truly grateful.

If anyone wishes to preserve the Unofficial BOINC Wiki, I have a number of files that may be of interest: My working files of the old site and the Wiki including the code development for the Google search (263M) {not really necessary, unless you like history}. the log file samples for adding messages along with my GREP tool (33.5M). Just what it says... all the other stuff includes samples and snippets of material I had not gotten to yet (13.1M). For those that might be interested in a data-set for analysis (5.8M). The images directory of the Wiki site with the image files needed (37M). Wiki database in a CSV dump (7.2M). WIki database in a SQL Insert dump (8M).

The explanation on how I implemented the Google search is here:


5 and a half of 13
5 and a half of 13
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Unofficial BOINC Wiki closing 2006-03-31

Please don't go, we need you!!!

Need Help? Try the excellent Unofficial BOINC Wiki!
We are the BOINC. Prepare to be assimilated.
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Jim Bailey
Jim Bailey
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Paul Sorry to see you go,


Sorry to see you go, you will be missed by many.

I always read your posts with interest. While I don't always agree I do find them to be well though out, interesting, and thought provoking. Your input, work, and insight will be missed, as will the Wiki into which you put so much time and effort.

Best wishes in whatever you become involved with in the future.

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shutting down your

shutting down your machines.....?

oh boy, hate to see those machines go wasted.....

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Paul, You will be sorely

You will be sorely missed!
Joe B

Joe B

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Paul It's always a pity to


It's always a pity to see someone leave who has taking part into solutions.
May the odds be with you in whatever you decided to do.



"The FUTURE is only a PARTICLE away from the PRESENT and the PAST."

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Paul. Know that you will


Know that you will be missed. I've been thinking about you and wondering what you've been up to.

Email me anytime you want to chat...

KSMarksPsych at hotmail dot com


Kathryn :o)

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Michael Karlinsky
Michael Karlinsky
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Hi Paul, it is sad to hear

Hi Paul,

it is sad to hear that you are leaving the BOINC community for good after dedicating so much time and resources. But obviuously you have your reasons to do so.

I hope the posts here and at the other projects can convince you to stay. At least I hope someone will "adopt" the WIKI. It would be a shame if all your (and all other editors) work would have been in vain.

Thanks again for your dedication to the BOINC community.


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The Wiki is being continued

The Wiki is being continued on this link, by Christopher Malton and Rytis SlatkeviÄ?ius.

Trog Dog
Trog Dog
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RE: With this in mind I

With this in mind I have run all my computers out of work, removed BOINC and shut down the machines.

It will be a shame to see you go.

I can understand how hosting/maintaining the Wiki would be a thankless job. A couple of times you pointed me to the wiki, which I hadn't thought of using for the answer to those particular problems/questions - thank you for that.

Also, your posts will be missed.

Regardless, if your mind's made up, then your mind's made up.

Best wishes.

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To all:

With negotiation between Rytis and I underway, we will bring you the BOINC WIKI, as long as we can sustain it.

In Paul's absence, I will endeavour to keep it running to keep the dream of all BONC Documentation together.

To Paul: Such a shame to see you go from this wonderful community, you will be missed.


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