Testing an Intel Mac OpenCL (AMD/ATI) app on Albert

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Dear all,

Those of you who would like to testdrive an OpenCL app for ATI/AMD cards in an Intel Mac can now do so on our test project, Albert@Home.

Note that only OSX "Lion" (and previews of "Mountain Lion") with ATI/AMD cards are supported at the moment.

If you haven't done so already, you can join Albert@Home just like any other BOINC project by specifying its home URL in BoincManager, in this case


Albert@Home is a pure test project, that is work crunched there is not used for scientific results (as the code used tehere is still experimental), but it really helps us a lot to be able to testdrive our apps there.

Discussion of any problems with this new app should be done in the Albert@Home forum, here: