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RE: How about

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How about 443235?

Great!! Now we are getting somewhere. Here are the details I can see:-


Owner bob
Created 19 Nov 2005 21:26:49 UTC
Total Credit 70.30
Recent av credit 98.37
CPU type GenuineIntel Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 - M CPU 2.20GHz
Number of CPUs 1
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition, Service Pack 2, (05.01.2600.00)
Memory 511.23 MB
Cache 976.56 KB
Measured fp speed 1113.28 million ops/sec
Measured int speed 2165.51 million ops/sec
Average upload rate Unknown
Average download rate Unknown
Av turnaround time 0.71 days
Max daily WU quota/CPU 8/day
Results 7

Your computer is doing a great job of processing and returning results so no problems there.

You have at least three accounts with the EAH project. The one that has your computer listed and is successfully crunching is "bob" as you can see in the above list. The other two under which you have posted, have no computers registered. Here is some information about each of your accounts, in the order in which they were created:-

  • * bob Created 19 Nov with UserID = 122908 (CPUID = 443235)
    * bob schumacher Created 19 Nov with UserID = 122921 (No computers)
    * shoe4bob Created 24 Nov with UserID = 122921 (No computers)

The basic plan is to change 122908 to be called shoe4bob as I recall you mentioned that was your preference previously. I don't know of any procedure to delete accounts so we should just change the unneeded ones to something else. Here's what I would do. If someone has a better idea please chime in.

Disclaimer: I have never had to do this myself personally so I have no direct experience. Whilst I think the suggested steps will work, I cannot give any guarantee to that effect.

  • * Log out from the website and see if you can login as "bob". Try whatever passwords/account keys you think might be appropriate. If you can login and can see the computer details above, you will be in good shape.
    * Find two colleagues who you can "rope in" to supporting EAH :).
    * Log out as "bob" and login as "shoe4bob"
    * On shoe4bob's account page, use the links for changing email, password, and other account info to set up an accounr for colleague 1.
    * logout of colleague 1's new account and login as "bob schumacher"
    * On bob schumacher's account page, use the links for changing email, password, and other account info to set up an accounr for colleague 2.
    * logout of colleague 2's new account and login as "bob" (your account with your computer)
    * Repeat the editing procedure, this time inserting all the correct details for you as "shoe4bob"

A couple of important points:-

  • * Roping in colleagues was a lighthearted way of putting to good use your excess IDs. If you don't wish to "rope in" others just set the details to something that's not the real you :).
    * When editing details on the website save (update) the edited page before leaving it.
    * Make sure you write down for each UserID the correct final username/password/emailaddr combination that you choose.
    * Choose "easy to remember" passwords and get rid of the complex acct keys.
    * If using one of these excess accounts, during the install, the person using it must select "existing account" and enter the correct details that you have set up for that account.

I hope these suggestions may be of some use to you. If anything is not clear, please ask away. One final point. The profile information you entered for "bob schumacher" will need to be reentered for "shoe4bob" when you get it all sorted out.


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