Surprise: I picked up an intel "open cl" app

Joseph Stateson
Joseph Stateson
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Enabled the intel 4600 video on my Haswell 4th generation cpu as I needed the HDMI cable that normally is on the ATI S9000 board and Microsoft downloaded and installed Open Cl and I actually got one of those beta work units

Was only 192 GFLOPS compared to the s9000 which has 3226 GFLOPS (single precision) but it finished a task in just over 10 minutes.  Looks like I will have to wait a while to see if it is valid but I got one.  Last time I did this my surface pro 4 overheated but this is an open air mining rig so I will let it run.







Richard Haselgrove
Richard Haselgrove
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Absolutely normal. I've been

Absolutely normal. I've been running those for years. The short run time will equate to a small (but fair) credit award.

The only unusual feature (unique to Intel GPUs) is that they have to have a video device or dummy plug connected for them to be used for computations.

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