Suggestion for Problems and Bug Reports and Getting Started message boards

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum - i guess it is "Problems with posting in Problems forum" a problem to discuss here?

I (and many others) have received a lot of help from these forums over time, i might add for free! So a quick thank you, if i've forgotten.

When i have a problem i try to articulate a problem as best i can after a bit of searching the forum.

Boinc is well documented and it's "Problems" page has a sticky post frome Ageless near the top
"When requesting help on these forums." and it is one of my favourite boinc posts.

Perhaps we could do the similar named post on this forum? (and in the Getting Started forum)

Perhaps without as much detail but setting out the Level1 basics such

are your computers visible?
what host-ID(s) and what task(s) have a problem?
when the problem first occurred?
have you searched the forum?
have you seen any errors in the event log ?
maybe a link or two to the boinc page above or higher level for the most common issues.

I might even suggest a short (at most 10 lines?) simple template or example to cut and paste showing a good example. Perhaps even concluding with a "thank you in advance".