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RE: Weird, 2 'similar'

Weird, 2 'similar' GTX560Ti, 1 with 448CUDA-cores and 1 with 384CUDA-cores?

The GTX560 Ti 448-core is actually a GF110-based GTX570 with 2 shader blocks and a memory connect disabled. The additional shader cores and memory bandwidth as compared to the slower normal GF114-based 560 Ti (the non 448-core version) really puts it squarely in between the normal GTX560 Ti and the GTX570 cards.
The reason why some GTX570 are repurposed under this limited series is because of production optimization - by doing this a board that has a few flaws won't have to be trashed but merely renamed and BIOS flashed.

It's a bit of a lottery, but some of them overclock pretty well.

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