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does anyone know how to get the graphics for the einstien thing it work at one point but it stopped working after i install a couple of programs and drivers

There is a graphics bug related to running Einstein 4.79 with BOINC 4.45. Try the Beta app (under More Information on the E@H home page). It works great.

That is the first i heard of this problem. I'm using 4.79 and 4.45 and graphics run fine on my system.


The bug is an incompatibility between Einstein 4.79 and ATI vidcards. If you did a keyword search of these messageboards for "graphics" or "screensaver", you'd come up with scores of hits, and 90% of them would be about this one famous bug.



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There is a bug with ATI

There is a bug with ATI graphics cards and BOINC if you go to BOINC download page an click on version details, the last entry mentions it.


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