Smooth neutron stars

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A multitude of folk have submitted a paper describing how smooth five neutron stars are.


The following is an excellent nine minute talk on the subject by Professor Mike Merrifield, University of Nottingham.




Mike Hewson
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Well, we've been not finding

Well, we've been not finding any gravitational waves from pulsars for quite some time here at E@H. :-)

The talk of spin down limits etc is demonstrating that there are two modes of energy loss from pulsars to consider, those being gravitational waves ( transferring angular momentum away from the star ) and electromagnetic radiation ( the pulsar is a magnetised spinning rotor in the galactic magnetic field & thus must slow down ). 

All this is the effect of gravity writ large : it always is attractive/additive and so the force to make these objects spherical axisymmetric or nearly so is absolutely epic. Some of the modelling indicates that the magnetic field in the interior of the star may be several orders of magnitude more than the external field, which is also mind boggling. The nearby spacetime of these objects must be highly distorted ie. nearly a black hole.

Cheers, Mike.

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter ...

... and my other CPU is a Ryzen 5950X :-) Blaise Pascal

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