Setting the Pace for Two Different GPUs

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Vasishk-Taneya wrote:" but I

Vasishk-Taneya wrote:

" but I don't think you can control which GPU runs 2".  That is exactly what I am trying to do.

I have an RX 480 , a RX 460 and an older HD7790 in linux system. The two weaker GPUs can only run 1WU , or 2WU at most,  and RX 480 can run more. The two slower GPUs are holding back the RX 480.  I think , I can get the most out of my system is by running 3WUs on the RX 480 and 2WUs each on the two slower ones. 

The few search results that google found regarding running two clients, seem to be reporting problems and no solution. 

The key for you seems to be more pc's, not more gpu's at the moment then. Spread those puppies out into boxes running dual or even cheap quad core cpu's and let the gpu's loose!! You can get used mb's, Linux is fairly simple for this as an OS, the amount of memory each pc needs is minimal as you aren't crunching cpu units on the them anyway. You just need a box big enough to hold the hardware and a power supply, or you can do the 'no box' thing but to me that takes up more physical space. I run all of my pc's without the sides of the cases on them for better airflow so you don't even need a FULL case, just one that will hold a couple of gpu's in each one. If you are handy you can even take a small one and snip the parts you don't need out and make the cards fit in it. All of my crunchers now run 120GB SSD drives for ease and that's the only drive in the machine.

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