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Tom M
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I got to wondering if E@H might benefit from a thread that Seti@Home had whose topic is what is the server doing now?

Errors in uploads.  Server not available/down for maintenance /or not answering at all...  etc.

At the moment at local time 2:42pm or so it is reporting "down for maintenance".

This may not be as entertaining or busy a thread as S@H was because we had a Tuesday outage every week and at other times which generated a lot of conversation.


Tom M

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As a data point for the

As a data point for the current situation.


The last time any of my systems made a successful connection to the project for a schedule request (reporting and/or getting new tasks) was Apr. 19 13:14:56 UTC


(using UTC/GMT/Zulu makes more sense than local time for discussions involving folks across the world in different local time zones)


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My systems are now able to

My systems are now able to report and to get new tasks.  One system got work 38 minutes ago (right at 21:00 UTC).  But they were running on 1 hour or 2 hour deferrals, so the real recovery may have been somewhat sooner than that. 

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