server keeps reporting not enough memory on my pc

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1. server reports work available but your computer does not have enough memory.
(at the time prefs was 75% virtual mem)
(ive upped it to 85% in einstein prefs)
this is the memory reported on my pc

Memory Type Total Used Free
---------------- -------- -------- --------
Conventional 640K 64K 576K
Upper 0K 0K 0K
Reserved 384K 384K 0K
Extended (XMS) 64,512K 184K 64,328K
---------------- -------- -------- --------
Total memory 65,536K 632K 64,904K

Total under 1 MB 640K 64K 576K
Total Expanded (EMS) 64M (66,584,576 bytes)
Free Expanded (EMS) 16M (16,777,216 bytes)
Largest executable program size 576K (590,256 bytes)
Largest free upper memory block 0K (0 bytes)

i am running Windows 98 SE
i am running BOINCmgr Version 4.2
i have about 400mb free harddisk space but could make more

i have been told that einstein and seti use about 8mb
my computer runs the classic version of seti@home fine
everything works, program and screensaver.

2. when i preview my boinc screensaver and it reports idle how do i get out of it. it locks me into it and nothing gets me out of it. even ctrl alt and del doesnt work. my only option is to switch off and on pc power button. this is a major headache. i am now too chicken to even let my scrsaver activate cause i know i will have to reboot my system.

3. boincmgr says disk space 0 bytes ;is this because i haven't managed to recieve any work yet?

please help. i am keen to get started on the projects.
i keep getting deferred. i even changed my prefs to use 85% virtual memory, 80% disk space.

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server keeps reporting not enough memory on my pc

Seti requires 64mb of memory, einstien 75mb of memory. This is the actual amount of memory reported to BOINC btw, a machine that nominally has 64mb will not report that much to BOINC.


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