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I am so embarrassed at how dumb I am, but I can't seem to find the spot that sets my sphere as a screensaver. In my screensaver selections in Desktop Properties, they dont' list it, and the operating sphere does not have an option to set as a screensaver with a right click on the mouse..

What am I doing wrong, insofar as screensavers go, and not all the other stuff also doing wrong.

Thanks a lot.

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In the screensaver selection of the desktop properties you need to select BOINC as the screensaver, and then BOINC will use the graphics app provided by the projects.

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Hi there, I seem to have

Hi there,

I seem to have the opposite problem; I'm trying to disable the screensaver. It activates after around 3mins of the computer being static and then takes around 30 seconds to return to my normal screen. it is very frustrating. Could somebody please send me instruction - and I mean VERY basic instruction, as if you are dealing with a small child - to turn it off? I am really, really not computer savvy so could you please make it as simple as poss?



Mike Hewson
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ChevyG : I assume we are

ChevyG : I assume we are referring to your system registered here at E@H ( ie. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition, Service Pack 1 ). From the start menu ( lower left corner ) select :

Settings, then ...

Control Panel, then ...

Personalisation, then ...

Screen Saver ( icon, lower right corner ), giving ...

... the dialog for ScreenSavers, and from the drop-down menu ( middle left ) you can choose 'None'.

Cheers, Mike.

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