S6BucketLVE validation

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Really glad the resolution

Really glad the resolution was in the validator and not the apps!!

Bill who is currently putting together an AMD system

Bernd Machenschalk
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RE: Within this time I got

Within this time I got very little tasks of S6LVE. I believe, you reduced the output of this tasks very much to avoid an overflow of the database and bring them back to normal now.

Indeed I reduced the S6BucketLVE output. However, the reason was more that I wanted to have as few tasks as possible "in flight" in case it turns out that the problem was not in the validator, but in the app.

What will be the mean ratio of tasks between FRGP2 and S6LVE and by what ist this determined?

There are two "knobs" that can be turned in our server configuration: one determines the ratio between "locality" (GW, currently S6BucketLVE) and "non-locality" (FGRP & CPU BRP) work, the other could be used to adjust the work share between the different "non-locality" apps. Normally we roughly aim for equal shares of CPU time between all active apps.

There are, however, different conditions under which we want to direct computing power away from or towards a particular app, e.g. to quickly finish a certain dataset, to take stress from a particular server, or, like now, to buy some time to fix a problem with a particular app.



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