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Is there any relyable to hole a chip if functionality isn't a concern? A few months back one of my coworkers tried making a p4 keychain with a dead cpu. He busted a good drillbit trying to drill it and then borrowed a plasma cutter to try burning a hole. All he got for his trouble was a scorched spot on the surface.

Long ago at a then small, now enormous semiconductor company, a colleague of mine had need to drill holes in the ceramic lid of CerDIP packages, for a hoped-for production conversion of a stock of hundreds of thousands of units. He found a method, (not only for that, but for the "secret sauce" reason for doing it). I think he used a laser--must have been a pretty energetic one--not likely one in your home shop.

My employer's got a decent machine shop for prototyping/destructive testing purposes (where I suspect the plasma cutter was accessed), but afaik no industrial lasers.

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So far I've crunched some

So far I've crunched some hundred units with S40 without any problem.

I'd say it is ok to say this version is stable.


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