recent avg. credit (rac) question

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hi,curious as to why my rac does not increase or goes down slightly. been running 24/7 ,no errors or invalids since I fixed the voltage prob with my mem.does it have to do with the pendings,of which there are 58. will my rac increase when these are sense running 24/7 if my rac will not increase. thank you for any clarification on this, david

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recent avg. credit (rac) question

Perhaps you could define your query or concern with more detail.

Using graphs for your Einstein account produced by the statistics site Boincstats, I see that your Einstein RAC has risen from less than 40,000 at the beginning of October to over 70,000 now. So your RAC has increased substantially in the last couple of weeks.

In the very short term RAC changes reflect a balance between the "fading away" exponentially of the weighting applied to previously granted credit, vs. the fresh increment upside from new credit awards. Yes, work that is pending has not yet been granted credit. So periods in which your pending work queue grows are times when your RAC will be not so high as otherwise, and, conversely, periods in which your pending queue shrinks get a RAC bonus not reflecting production in real time.

The thing you should expect to grow consistently is total credit. RAC can ebb and flow not only with the resources you supply, but with validation rates and the timing of your quorum partners' returns.

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