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I'll echo what others have

I'll echo what others have said: We haven't finished the post-processing yet, so we don't really know if the S5 search(es) found anything. That's actually one of the valuable lessons we learned: Einstein@Home is taking care of the CPU-hour-intensive part, but the post-processing is scientist-hour-intensive and thus is the bottleneck.

Actually it's not too surprising if S5 doesn't find anything yet - especially since the search you're running is still a fairly primitive model - but as time goes by our chances of detecting something improve. Both because of analyzing more data and because we are constructing more sophisticated analysis methods, like the next S5 search which we hope to get into your screen savers this spring. As the searches improve, even null results become more and more interesting. So your CPU cycles are much appreciated and are serving a real scientific purpose.

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