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RE: Also, SETI Classic had

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Also, SETI Classic had a Windows command line app as well. I'd be curious if you are meaning 30% runtime improvement over a Windows host with the exact same hardware specs as your system running the Windows command line app...or if you were comparing something else...

As far as i remember, the up to 30% advantage was reached by disabling Xserver with the same client and the same OS on the same computer !

I never cared about the differences between Windows & Linux clients, unless the Windows client was made with a better compiler to produce code which was fast enough that running the Windows client with WINE gained better performance than the Linux client ... and as I am not interested in the screensavers, i usually used the CLI clients.


PS: The up to 30% more performace were reached with a old ~200 MHz Pentium MMX in the last century ... today on my FSC ESPRIMO Mobile V5535 it would surely be less than 10% !

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