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RE: I have switched a few

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I have switched a few workstations over to the 4.45 client -- had some problems with it on some workstations though. When I went to add a project (Einstein or Climate) to an existing configuration with SETI, sometimes the 4.45 client decided that I couldn't do that after contacting the project - and would detach me from the new project unilaterally. Naturally, I view this as a suboptimal result...

It was probably just an internet hiccup. A successfull communication with the server is currently required before a client can be attached to a project. Just trying it again may be enough to get things going.

Another option is copying the accoun*.xml file(s) from a working computer to the problem computers. Then restarting the client. This prevents typos and will also avoid that automatic detach if there is a communication issue.


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