Outage on may 23rd.

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Any useful estimate on how

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Any useful estimate on how long the servers will be down?

We expect just a few hours.

This will (hopefully) be the last of our equipment moves. After this, the 2 UPS systems, the Einstein@Home server (and backup machine) and the Einstein@Home database server (and backup machine) will all be housed in a single unified rack.

We're also replacing the 2-disk RAID controllers for the OS with 8 disk RAID controllers. This gives us some additional hot spares for backups.

After this move the entire system will be 'hot swappable'. For example if there is hardware trouble on the database server, we can shut it down, pull all its disks out of RAID hot swap bays, move them into the same bays on the backup server, and boot the backup server.

We'll post some pictures of the machines at the end of the week.


nice i am waiting for the pictures



nice Work here to all

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