nvidia platform jobs immediately error out (except two)

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Jonathan Jeckell wrote:You

Jonathan Jeckell wrote:
You can verify your GPU's bottleneck directly with GPU-Z also so you can confirm if it's the VRAM or some other factor limiting your performance.

you ask if I have used GPU-Z.  My answer is no.  The app you reference is for a Windows environment and I run strictly Linux for crunching.  I could try an alternative like CUDA-Z and might give it a try.  I am not ignoring your suggestion just merely holding off.  One cannot have enough tools. 


Gary Roberts
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robl wrote:... this morning

robl wrote:
... this morning when manually performing an update I received ~24 GPU WUs with only one processing as expected.  No WUs were timing out so it now a question of hardware?  i.e. if I increase the GPU utilization factor to 3 will two GPU WUs process while the rest time out like the original post.

I would think it's almost a certainty that you would start trashing the balance of any tasks you have on board, if you put it back on x3 again.  Just put it on x2 and be happy that it should run OK and will probably give you a bit of an increase in throughput. Until you verify that x2 does give you a benefit (you already know it works that way), why would you want to risk x3 again?

For the moment I think I will defer doing that for a couple of days.  I have yet one more issue to work on another pc  which I managed to "fat finger" yesterday and was a major SNAFU.

You may as well do the x2 bit straight away.  Just change to 0.5 and increase your cache setting enough to trigger a work fetch.  That way you can be accumulating some x2 results and checking if it's worth it, while you sort out your other problem :-).


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