a new (?) netgear router.

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RE: I have used the


I have used the following website to check the condition of my wan side IP. I believe it to be safe. It you are interested it is here. Click on "shields up". Check for open ports, etc.

That's funny...I have used the Spinrite software FOR YEARS to bring disks back from the bring of death! The friend I was just talking about with the network problems had a disk fail in his laptop, 9 days after starting SpinRite it booted back up and ran just fine, like nothing ever happened! He is a bad laptop owner, he literally THROWS it into his car and then wonders why it crashes. He is VERY smart, but not about using pc's!!

Did you know that in WWII submarines the periscope was one long tube that went up and down, it was only as tall the the sub, so when it went down it went to the bottom of the sub. He worked for Lockheed Martin and came up with a collapsible tube, then they came up with a digital camera on top, then a box outside the sub that the periscope now comes out of, so nothing is inside the sub anymore AND it has multiple digital cameras on top. So no more of the 'wake' stuff like in the old movies, the thing pops up for literally a second, then comes right back down again. But when it is up the cameras take a 360 degree video that can then be piped to any workstation in the sub it needs to go to. They can even split the video into different infrared etc views depending on who needs to see what. My friend was a part of all of that stuff, yet he LITERALLY THROWS his laptop into his car when he goes home at night!! The last time his laptop crashed I switched him to an SSD drive, it is now screaming fast again, just like when it was brand new. BUT I told him he NEEDS to back it up regularly, I even installed some free software and gave him a drive to do it on. I recently asked him how the laptop and backups are doing, he said the laptop is fine and sad 'I guess I should really do a back up huh?' i did one before he got it back, but that has been awhile and he will lose LOTS of stuff he really wants!! I can make it easy for him, but I can't make him do it!!

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