New GW Instrument Proposal !!

Mike Hewson
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Check this out! :-)

Note the dove-tailing of the sky coverage with existing detectors. That Kamioka mine is certainly a handy place for science in recent decades. So it looks like momentum is building, literally, in this new area of gravity wave astronomy...

Cheers, Mike.

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter ...

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New GW Instrument Proposal !!

GW astronomy is becoming BIG SCIENCE. Let us hope it does not become too big, like the magnets at CERN fallen to the ground under their own weight. But maybe a collective effort like Einstein@home can help it to maintain a more human approach than that taken by modern nuclear and subnuclear physics, which is more and more far from being understandable by non scientists.

Chipper Q
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It is great news about the

It is great news about the LCGT, especially the part about the seismic noise being orders of magnitude less, that deep in the Earth. Actually, the part about cryogenics to reduce thermal noise is pretty good, too. I still wish LISA was going up sooner! And what about a second LISA (with different overall dimensions), to cover a greater range of frequencies?

Bad news about the magnets at CERN. Good news no one was hurt (one article also mentioned relief that no holes were torn in the fabric of the universe either; I was ROFL). Glad to see that it occurred during a test of conditions that aren't normally encountered. Also good news that it probably won't affect the scheduling of the remaining work...

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