NASA Astrophysics Strategic Implementation Plan

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I thought this might be interesting for some of us.


Sent on behalf of NASA Astrophysics Division

Mailed 14 December 2012

NASA Astrophysics Strategic Implementation Plan

The Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters has prepared a
Strategic Implementation Plan to describe the activities currently
being undertaken in response to the decadal survey recommendations
within the current budgetary constraints. The plan is available at

During the upcoming AAS meeting in Long Beach, Astrophysics Division
Director Dr. Paul Hertz will present an overview of the plan and hold
a question and answer session at the NASA Town Hall (Tuesday, January
8, 2013, during 12:45pm-1:45pm).

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NASA Astrophysics Strategic Implementation Plan

NASA seems to still have a iron in the fire in regard to LISA. One thing for moving forward is success of LISA Pathfinder mission.

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