Name changes to hosts without losing credit

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Keith Myers

Keith Myers wrote:


Now if I understand you correctly, all of my other information within Einstein will still remain intact with no changes, just my name.  And I will need to wait several days for BoincStats to relearn my new name.  Correct?

Yes, you can change your name willy-nilly at any project and it has no bearing on your hosts or credits.  All it does is change how you are indentified in the forums.

But I think you are confused about your name at Boincstats.  It does not get your name from any project.

Your name at Boincstats is only controlled by your account there.  If you want to change your name, login to your account at Boincstats and change it to your new preferred handle.

Login >> BAM! >> Account Preferences >> Username

Okay, I've logged into BAM! >> Account Preferences >> ... Username? ...

I don't see "Username".  I get this:


Show forum images as links


Open forum links in new window/tab


Do not reorder sticky posts


Hide signatures in forum posts


Notify about new private messages by email


Allow personal messages from team captains



. . .

Add signature to your posts by default



The Avatar (which I don't have set up) and the Signature which is empty is all I see under BAM! :: Account preferences.

Plus, I have never sent any messages in BoincStats or BAM!




I just now entered in GWGeorge007 as my signature in BoincStats, for what it's worth.


Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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I thought your OP was that

I thought your OP was that you were waiting on your name to change at BoincStats?

Or that your project credits were being attributed to your old name?

I am confused as to what your problem is now.


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