Most WUs failing...

Keith Jillings
Keith Jillings
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I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but something over half the WUs my machine runs on Einstein never get any credit. They show either as "Client error ... Compute error" or "Client error ... Aborted by user." I've not knowingly aborted any for a long time, so I don't quite know what's happening.

I haven't had a rejected WU for months on any of the other projects I run.

I don't check BOINC for updates every day, but do so about once a month.

Am I doing something wrong, or is Einstein more likely to "fail" than the others?

Should I stop running Einstein work units?

Keef, Essex or Norfolk, England

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Most WUs failing...

The only one that has the aborted state was done under 4.07 which had a bug that would casue a handful of WUs to crash. The abort message of the previous one doesn't indicate the version so I can't speculate about what went wrong.

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