Maximizing work done?

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Me and my friend are on the same team and I started before him but his computer is getting tasks done much quicker than I am, he's already got 10k more credit than me and has done 215 tasks compared to my 65.
Here's links to our computers (if they work):

according to that mine is faster in floating point and integer speed, although his cpu has 8 registered cores. I'm wondering if there's something I can do to make my computer work better with boinc, as our 2 computers are pretty comparable besides his having 8 registered processors (4 physical, 4 logical) over my 3 physical?

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Maximizing work done?

The benchmark values are highly flawed. According to them, his i7 is slower than my i3. Although in clock speed it may be, I don't really think it will be.

He also has one or two Nvidia CUDA cards that work away at doing ABP2 here. You have an ATI videocard, which isn't used by this project.

Your two systems are incomparable when it comes to BOINC. He's running 8 + 2 tasks (CPUs + GPUs) at the same time. You run 3 at maximum at all times.

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