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RE: Thanks Mike in advance,

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Thanks Mike in advance, read your explanation in more detail,

Wrote it a bit quicker than my usual habit, mainly thinking ( annoyed ) that possibly evidence of some poor soul's last moments being churned into junk science and tabloid style story thrashing. Specifically I think they are dealing with samples of human blood from a trauma situation ( bleeding, clotting, platelet activation .... )

Cheers, Mike.

( edit ) Well I say human, on the likelihood that other mammal species don't usually reach the upper atmosphere. Of course a duck or fifteen sucked up a jet engine might fit the story too ....

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RE: Wow! He's been sitting

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Wow! He's been sitting on samples for 9 years without 'independent verification' :-) :-)

"unlike any found on Earth" .... whoops ....


So would anyone like to suggest what might have caused the red rain after hearing a boom in the sky? What something might have 'disintegrated in the upper atmosphere' ?...

WRATH of GOD, flash of light, clap boom of thunder, heavy rain, biological material washed off the roofs. Some 'researcher' cuts himself in the excitement!

This really is a very old story. Why has it been resurrected now?...

Keep searchin',

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Because.. Somebody wrote a

Because.. Somebody wrote a paper:-)

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