Invalid global preferences problem

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I got this annoying message

I got this annoying message too recently.

I have checked  global_prefs.xml file and all </venue> tags were in place.

But i have noticed other "anomaly" - there was a missing linefeed/line break between last </venue> tag and </global_preferences> tag (very end of file). Last line in the file was formatted like this  </venue></global_preferences>

I tried to add linefeed, so corrected file now ends like this:


And error message disappeared!

But i think this message about "Invalid global preferences supplied" itself is an error in this case! Because line breaks in xml files are optional, xml file remains correct if all necessary tags are present, lack of line break between them only affects visual readability for humans, not machines. It is still a valid file regardless of its visual formatting with spaces and line breaks.


Funny fact: I also tried to intentionally delete line break between few other tags. And looks like E@H server is just fine with it (exactly how it should be!) - no any additional messages on event log. For some reason, it is getting angry only about the lack of a line break between   </venue> and </global_preferences> tags!

Bill F
Bill F
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Ok for me a different

Ok for me a different resolution and perhaps the error message was a red herring.  I found in my Account Preferences for the Project an unused "Home" profile that dated back years ago when I ran separate Work and Home preferences.  Over the years Einstein had made changes to their profile rules and the way I had the "Home" profile was invalid.  I deleted the unused Home profile and the Event Log error on my BOINC client disappeared.

Thanks wonderful holidays to everyone

Bill F

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Ich habe das Problem so eben

Ich habe das Problem so eben gelöst doch ich weiß nicht mehr wie ich es geschafft habe.

Warum ?

weil ich vieles durcheinander ausprobiert hatte und die Fehlermeldung kommt nicht mehr nach einem Neustart des Boinc Manager.

Ich weiß nur noch das ich den eintrag so vorgenommen habe .  </venue></global_preferences>

ich ging zur webseite zurück zu Einstein aktualisierte meine PC einstellungen dort.

Ich startete den Manager neu und es kam die meldung nicht mehr .

Entschuldigt bitte ich kann es nicht mehr genau sagen es ist schwer ABER DIE FEHLER MELDUNG IST WEG!!!



I just solved the problem but I don't remember how I did it. Why ? because I had tried a lot of things mixed up and the error message no longer comes after restarting the Boinc Manager. I only know that I made the entry that way. </venue></global_preferences>

I went back to the Einstein website and updated my PC settings there. I restarted the manager and the message no longer came up.

Excuse me, I can't say exactly anymore,


Kind regards.

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