Inconsistent numbers for floating point speed?

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I am wondering why I read completely different numbers for the floating point speed of E@H on different web pages. For example on the server status page I read at the moment a total speed of 831.9 TFLOPS, while I read 357.628 TFLOPS on and 1,082.616 TFLOPS on This is really a large discrepancy! Can someone explain to me what that means?


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Inconsistent numbers for floating point speed?

Probably different ways of averaging. Einstein recently got a big boost from a large team; presumably E@H and allprojectstats have relatively short windows for reporting current flops levels, while boincstats has a longer one possibly tied to RAC (which is very slow to respond to change).

It's not as big as the discrepency you saw, but E@H jumped by ~25% in the last week and a half. If the former two sites are looking at short enough windows the big lump of WUs whose return was reported by the latter on the 28th could've triggered a much larger spike in their numbers.

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