How long does it take ot be given credit?

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It takes

It takes Patience.


*I still know CRAP when I see it.

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credit for a wu can take

credit for a wu can take theoretically consierable time no matter which boinc project you run. (and btw, credit granting isn't sequential - that means you can get credit granted on newer results while the older is still pending - you don't have to wait until the older one gets credit before the newer can get any ;))

Take a look is this scenario:

Four hosts get a wu.
One of the hosts run 24/7, the others don't.
One result is returned after 8 hours.
The second result is returned after three days.
One host is dropped from the project.
One host doesn't meet the deadline.

By now 7 days has passed, and the wu is sent to more hosts as not enough successful results are present.

The next host returns a result just in time for the deadline, but not succesful crunching. 14 days has passed...

There really isn't any, what I would call, reliable timeframe in which you should expect credit to be granted. And even if your run at the wu was succesfull, it's not for certain you will get any - if the wu get's too many client errors or successful results can't get to an agreement, you'll end up with 0 as granted credit.

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Do away with credits let the

Do away with credits let the science guys crunch....

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