How is credit calculated?

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I have noticed on my fastest machine that it alwasy claims more credit than either faster or slower machines running the same work unit.

Made me wonder what variables go into the calculation.

It is a dual processer machine & I have observered that when I configured it to run both processers it runs 2 work units at a time but each is about 50% slower than when it was only running one unit. I.E. 1.5 times faster not twice as fast. I assume the 2 processers are fighting each other for memory bus & other resources.

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How is credit calculated?

Claimed credit is calculated in the follwing way:

([whetstone]+[dhrystone]) x wu_cpu_time_in_sec / 1728000

whetstone and dhrystone are the results of the benchmark
wu_cpu_time_in_sec is the CPU time for 1 WU in seconds.

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And this (and other

And this (and other interesting stuff) is written in the (very good) manual for Boinc, BOINC Powered Projects Documentation by Paul D. Buck and the FAQ therein.

For information regarding Credits look here!

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