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HomeBrew Console HPC Boinc concept : How to run boinc on a modern console

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"New hack runs homebrew code from DVD-R on unmodified PlayStation 2
Exploit found in DVD player software can also load copies of full PS2 games.
KYLE ORLAND - 6/29/2020, 4:20 PM

A demo from CTurt shows an SNES emulator running on a PS2 from a burned DVD-R.
Nearly 20 years after its initial release, a hacker has found a way to run homebrew software on an unmodified PlayStation 2 using nothing but a carefully burned DVD-ROM.

Previous efforts to hack the PS2 relied on internal modifications, external hardware (like pre-hacked memory cards and hard drives), or errors found only on very specific models of the system. The newly discovered FreeDVDBoot differs from this previous work by exploiting an error in the console's DVD video player to create a fully software-based method for running arbitrary code on the system.

Security researcher CTurt laid out the FreeDVDBoot discovery and method in detail in a blog post this weekend. By decrypting and analyzing the code used for the PS2's DVD player, CTurt found a function that expects a 16-bit string from a properly formatted DVD but will actually easily accept over 1.5 megabytes from a malicious source.

Modder arrest a reminder that most console hacks are illegal
Sending carefully formatted data to that function causes a buffer overflow that in turn triggers another badly written function to tell the system to jump to an area of memory with arbitrary, 

attacker-written code. That code can then tell the system to load an ELF file written to a burned DVD-R in the system. Building on previous PS2 homebrew efforts like uLaunchELF, 

It's relatively simple to use that DVD-R to load homebrew software or even full copies of otherwise copy-protected PS2 games.

The exploit is currently limited to very specific versions of the PS2's DVD player firmware found in later editions of the console and won't work in earlier systems. 
But CTurt writes that he's "confident that all other versions also contain these same trivial IFO parsing buffer overflows" and can be exploited with broadly similar methods. 

The possibility of similar hacks through the Blu-ray player on the PS3 and PS4 (
or the CD player on the PS1) are also being examined by the community.

Better late"

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I used to do that with one of

I used to do that with one of the PS models a LONG time ago but it was sooo slow it wasn't worth it, Sony then came out and said if you continue the thing can never play games again and since my kids used it to play games I quit crunching with it. I'm pretty sure this was pre-Boinc days running Seti only. It wasaround the same time the US Military bought a bunch of Play Station consoles for their own purposes, guessing  military games they designed in house.

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