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RE: i use a i7-4790K and a

i use a i7-4790K and a GTX 980.
I run now 4 task on the GTX 980 and 6 task on my i7-4760K.

Hi Sven,
Welcome to the Einstein forums.

I see you have had an account here for over 11 years! Thank you for your contribution over all that time, firstly with your Pentium4, then your Core 2 quad, and now with your i7! Your current machine is quite powerful and will produce lots of useful results. GPUs will feature more and more in the future.

Your Core 2 quad had a GTX660Ti which would still be very productive with the current GPU apps. You don't still have that machine by any chance, do you? :-).

I change the setting "Use at most x% of the CPUs" yesterday to 75%.

Looks like a good change. I'm glad it has improved performance for you.

I think it's better to use on a 8 core CPU only 6 core.

Certainly when it's 8 'virtual' and not 8 'real' cores :-). Unfortunately there are no blanket rules that always work in all cases. People need to experiment to find what works best.

Once again, thank you for your continuing contribution to the project.


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