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I'm new here and quite enjoy the idea that in some small way I might be helping. So what's the deal with the credits point system? I'm racking them up quickly but don't quite understand what they stand for?

Michael Karlinsky
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Hi Cookie,

welcome to E@H. Credits, or cobblestones are a means to measure the work you have done for a specific BOINC-project.

They have just one purpose: to brag and to compete with others. There are a lot of special 3rd party sites devoted to that: boincstats, allprojectstats, to name a few. Thats where the signature graphics come from.

The credits were invented to make it easier to generate cross-project statistics. So instead of just counting the number of work units (WUs) done, each WU is worth a certain amount of credits.

Sadly for some, they can not be converted to cash :)



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RE: So what's the deal with

So what's the deal with the credits point system?

In addition to the Wikipedia link that Michael provided, you might also like to consult the BOINC Wiki about computation credit. If you want further information about other BOINC related topics, you will probably find it by searching the BOINC Wiki. Another good place to get BOINC questions answered is the BOINC FAQ Service.

It's really pleasing to see the 'Getting Started' Forum getting some use once again. To all the new volunteers who are joining the project, please make yourself right at home and thank you very much for deciding to join in the search. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask as there are many knowledgeable people around who will be willing to share their knowledge and to point you in the right direction for further information.

All the best with bagging a gravity wave or with finding a brand new pulsar and above all, please have fun!


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