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I've seen some 0.40 DF tasks

I've seen some 0.40 DF tasks on my system running GW Spotlight GPU work.  The ones I have seen have very high issue numbers up in the 800s, which I've never seen before for Einstein GW work.  They have lower CPU consumption than the really low DF tasks, but not much lower than the .25, so possibly that is an effect that plateaus.

As to VRAM consumption, I see 1.445 GB per task of what HwiNFO calls "GPU D3D memory dedicated" while running 2X on two of these 0.40DF tasks.  I'm not sure how that measure corresponds to measures reported here.

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I've got a few of 0.40 DF

I've got a few of 0.40 DF tasks from the Donald Duck series (313 Hz) with issue numbers of about 890-1010.

AMD RX 580, GPU app version 2.09 and Windows system. I'm using Afterburner for rough monitoring. Also I've set a power limit for GPU. Running in 2x configuration and tasks run at a largely different phase to each other.

Both tasks somewhere in the middle of progress the VRAM memory usage shows about 4050 MB. At the moment when one of the tasks completes and unloads the VRAM usage will drop to about 2100 MB. As the next task then starts VRAM usage starts to climb after the first minute and ends up to 4050 MB again. I assume these tasks are taking about 1950 MB per task then.

With these 'nearly 2GB' tasks my runtimes have more than doubled from what they were a day ago with earlier tasks that were taking less VRAM. I did a reboot to see if something may have been stuck, but in this system it looks to go this way.

Runtime was pretty much 2 x as long as cpu time for a task a day ago (with v2.09 app already). Now it looks like runtime is about 3.5 x cpu time. Interesting.


edit: I disabled power limiting for GPU. Not laboratory precise measurements and in this system only...

Donald Duck 313 Hz series, DF 0.40, issue numbers in line down from 874 to 865

Two sets of tasks, run 2x : runtime avg 2402 sec (1201 sec for a task), cpu time avg 741 sec

Two sets of tasks, run 3x : runtime avg 3456 sec (1152 sec for a task), cpu time avg 903 sec

In 3x configuration the VRAM usage shows 6015 MB of which about 130-150 MB is for desktop environment.

A couple of Afterburner graphs while running 3x:

14882918.jpg 14882919.jpg 

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