Gravitational Wave search O1 all-sky tuning (O1AS20-100T)

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RE: RE: I can concur with


I can concur with a small saving average over 20 tasks dropped from 61.5K to 60K seconds so about 2.5% improvement with LAL_FSTAT_FFT_PLAN_TIMEOUT=20

I'll try some different values and report back. I think I'll go large say 200. Place your bets now...

Average over 20 tasks - 60.5K seconds so no improvement with LAL_FSTAT_FFT_PLAN_TIMEOUT=200, results more varied some a lot quicker 56K, most slightly slower.

OK lets try 60. Place your bets now...

My results were same as your. I have gone back to 120. Will wait to see how 60 does for you.

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