Gravitational Wave search GPU App version

Due to the excellent work of our French volunteer Christophe Choquet we finally have a working OpenCL version of the Gravitational Wave search ("S6CasA") application. Thank you Christophe!

This App version is currently considered 'Beta' and being tested on Einstein@Home. To participate in the Beta test, you need to edit your Einstein@Home preferences, and set "Run beta/test application versions?" to "yes".

It is currently available for Windows (32 Bit) and Linux (64 Bit) only, and you should have a card which supports double precision FP in hardware.



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I run the gw gpu app on a

I run the gw gpu app on a 7970 without any problems.
Had a look at your last contact log and saw this message: "stopping work search - insufficient disk space". Maybe low disk space can slow down the computation?
The gw gpu app requires lots of disk space so if you have limited disk space before you might have hit the limit when you started running gw gpu.

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where did you find that

where did you find that contact log?

some things about the WU.

The space was the problem, why doesn't the logbook tell me that?

After enough space it went to 100.00% but still calculating, stayed there.
Turned the pc off for the day.

Now that it's on again, it has or has not started at 0%
saw 40+% and it's calculating it very quickly, instead of the hours before.

19min up to 99%, and it now calculated the other 1% with on the CPU (just 1 core out of 4) 25%.
Finished and the next 1 flying off.

So i think the last wu didn't get saved any results and still went on to creep to 100%?!

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RE: I have added


I have added ultra-quiet 135mm fan Zalman ZM-F4 to the *BIG* passive Zalman-cube cooler on CPU, so the CPU now NEVER underclocks from 3000 to 900 MHz ... no surprise that Asteroids at home WU completes in 3 hour 10 minutes instead of 4:20 .......

SURPRISE, however, is: Einstein at home WU:
GW-OpenCL-beta now completes in 52 minutes instead of 1 hour 10 minutes!!!

I am getting close to performance of the GTX 750 Ti ! LOL! :)))

I have been unable to get a GTX 750 Ti to finish one of the WU. It rolls quickly up to 100% and sits there counting seconds. I have plenty of memory (4GB) and disk space free (800GB) available for the job.

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

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WOW, that's odd and

WOW, that's odd and interesting! ... :O

I would try a clean install (advanced-install-option: it will reset all settings of 3D etc...) of the latest beta-driver from NVidia.
Good luck!

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I setup my host to start

I setup my host to start running the GW Search GPU application again approximately 11-12 days ago. I have so far seen 4,864 tasks completed and validated and 3,221 tasks that are in pending state.

In previous months, I had seen frequent ASIC hangs on one of my Linux hosts and cross validation issues with other hosts and hardware types. However, kernel 3.12 and AMD driver 14.6 appear to be a stable combination for this GPU application as there have been no stability issues in the last 11-12 days. Tasks appear to be validating okay.