Getting an AMD APU to work with Ubuntu 20.04

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I'm going to guess that

I'm going to guess that initially installing the driver with the --no-dkms argument is the reason this happened. you likely did get a kernel update, but a minor update within the same kernel branch. like an update from 5.4.0-23 to 5.4.0-25 (totally made up kernel numbers as an example). without registering the driver module with dkms, you'd have to wipe and re-install the drivers again.

Hmm...I think I HAD to use dkms for some reason...I could be wrong, but I thought it was needed or else it didn't work.  I could be mis-remembering, so I'll give that a shot next time I have time to re-install.

Tom M
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My notes didn't include using

My notes didn't include using the no dkms but remember it coming up in the thread.

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