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Paul D. Buck
Paul D. Buck
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Ken, > I am very sorry to

Message 6218 in response to message 6216


> I am very sorry to have made this mistake and caused you this aggravation, and
> so in addition to apolgizing for the intemperate language, I now withdraw
> unreservedly all comments made from Message ID 6758 onward, and apologize if I
> impugned your integrity or expertise. In short, I am a doofus, who needlessly
> hurts good people; I'm really, really sorry.

I didn't even notice any hostility ... hmmm ... well it has been an advantage so long so I guess I will stick with not noticing it ... :)

> In future I will come here, if I may be still permitted to, only to post
> specific questions for BABB members who don't have time or desire to come here
> themselves.

Come here for yourself too ... this is about learning, it is one of the reasons I come here and throw out my opinions (usually but not always labeled as an opinion) and as we learn, we update the documents as best we can! :)

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