estimated vs actual runtimes

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I lost patiance with the

I lost patiance with the messed up numbers last night, forcably shut everything down and edited client_state.xml to drop the value to .95. Pre-start to completion times are around the 4hour mark, and my actual runtime looks good for that as well: I'll finish #11 and 12 after ~24.5h. But the to completion numbers for the two workunits actually inprogress are still assuming a 5hr to completion time.

PS For future reference, what's the proper way to terminate computing? I suspended work, closed boinc, and then killed the still living albert procs; and found myself with 2 busted work units when I resumed.

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RE: what's the proper way

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what's the proper way to terminate computing?

File/exit. The red X just terminates BOINC Manager without terminating the boinc daemon.

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