error ?? read_toplist_from_fp()

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2006-01-07 08:45:16.4471 [normal]: Start of BOINC application 'projects/'.
2006-01-07 08:45:16.4471 [normal]: Started search at lalDebugLevel = 0
2006-01-07 08:45:17.3689 [normal]: Checkpoint-file 'Fstat.out.ckp' not found.
2006-01-07 08:45:17.3689 [normal]: No usable checkpoint found, starting from beginning.
2006-01-07 08:57:24.9627 [normal]: Fstat file reached MaxFileSizeKB ==> compactifying ... done.

2006-01-07 23:21:39.6093 [normal]: Start of BOINC application 'projects/'.
2006-01-07 23:21:39.6250 [normal]: Started search at lalDebugLevel = 0
2006-01-07 23:21:40.5468 [normal]: Found checkpoint-file 'Fstat.out.ckp'
2006-01-07 23:21:40.5468 [normal]: Trying to read Fstat-file into toplist ...
2006-01-07 23:22:13.0156 [normal]: Checksum Ok. Successfully read_toplist_from_fp()
2006-01-07 23:22:13.0156 [normal]: Resuming computation at (27056/154001311/3087898).
2006-01-08 00:24:57.7812 [normal]: Search finished successfully.



Sharky T
Sharky T
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error ?? read_toplist_from_fp()

Apperently not. ;)

Paul D. Buck
Paul D. Buck
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Hard to answer a question if

Hard to answer a question if you don't know what the question is.

As far as the work unit, it was valid, the output in "stderr" contains some information messages from the application. What specifically is the question.


Ok, more he started a work unit/result.

Paused it, it was removed from memory. When restarted the checkpoint file was read, the contents of the checkpoint file read were analyzed and found to be valid. at that point processing continured. The specific function call is part of the program and is only an identifier for the developer.

Need more?

I suppose I should put these into the Wiki ...

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