Einstein@Home discoverers

Whenever Einstein@Home finds a new neutron star, there is always one workunit in which that discovery “stands out” from the noise with the highest statistical significance. The volunteers whose computers processed that workunit receive personalised framed discovery certificates, which also show information on the neutron star that their computer found.

The only way to get one of these certificates is to be one of the people whose computers crunch a “discovery” workunit. This is a matter of luck, like winning a lottery. You can't “make it happen”, although you can improve your odds by crunching more workunits. This is the same as improving your odds of winning a lottery by buying more tickets.

Below you can find pictures of some of our lucky volunteers with their certificates.

picls1.jpg picls2.jpg picls3.jpg
picls4.jpg picls5.jpg picls6.jpg
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picls10.jpg picls11.jpg picls12.jpg
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picpt1.jpg picpt2.jpg picpt3.jpg
picpt4.jpg picpt5.jpg picpt6.jpg
picpt7.jpg picpt8.jpg picpt9.jpg
picpt10.jpg picpt11.jpg picpt12.jpg
picpt13.jpg picpt14.jpg picpt15.jpg
picpt16.jpg picpt17.jpg picpt18.jpg