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As expected, I was able to acquire a new server for my crunching operation. I now have a DL380p Gen8, which replaces my DL360 Gen6. The new server has a single Xeon 2670 2.6 GHz 8 core processor, as compared to the 2 6 core processors in the old box. The up side is, the new box draws about half of the energy than the box it replaced (using the same GPU). I installed the NVIDIA GT1030, while waiting for the GPU power cable. Since the new server is a 2U unit, I will be able to fit a double height card into it. I have an NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti waiting to be installed. I suspect this setup will out perform both boxes I was running previously.

At some point in time, I will have the chance to upgrade the server to add the additional processor, once more eqipment becomes available.

More to follow once the new GPU is installed.

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The DL 380 Server

The DL 380 Server range
DL Gen 10 !

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