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Narib; I have had the same

Narib; I have had the same sorry experence. I have a couple of super crunchers on the farm. I cannot use my 3 day connect preferences, as my boxes are doing WU's in under 6 (some under 5) hours. I am forced to connect daily to avoid the "radar of eight". The project was probably scoped for the Mighty Celeron processor. A known giant in crunching power. If I have a travel requirement, I have to shut down, as auto connect puts me in the 8 results dumper.

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RE: Paul, it does not seem

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Paul, it does not seem to work in every case. My results are often paired with computer 6241, and it's frustrating to put it mildly. This guy (or girl?) has succeeded in downloading 45 WUs in about 3 days, returning only 1 successfully and passing the deadline with half of the rest, which will be the case with the second half too, I guess.


Ugh, I just looked ... you are right! The 8 is per CPU (though they only have one) so I could get 32 on my Xeon (in theory) PER DAY ... the good news is that 6241 is down to one WU per day ... so, that should slow down the deluge ...

One of the side effects of the way that Einstein@Home does its distribution is that if you get locked up with someone like this it can last awhile ... the large datafile with the work units being sliced off of the block means till that chunk of work is done ... :(

The good news is that when you get a new dataset you should leave this behind ...

BTW thank you for all the unbelievable work you've done for us BOINCers.

You are most welcome ... it keeps me off of the streets ... :)

One of the side effects of me moving material around and converting it from one form to another, well, lets just say we look at it with fresh eyes ...

And with the Wiki, you can see how much I am really doing day-by-day ... have some fun, read some of the pages in recent changes jsut to see what we are doing ...

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